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Aloha Seafood

Buyer's Guide Subscriber

John L. Mensonides
(415) 441-4484

Pier 45 Shed D-6
San Francisco, CA 94133


Seafood Wholesaler/Distributor


Aloha Seafood is a San Francisco-based seafood wholesaler/distributor serving fine-dining restaurants and food service establishments throughout San Francisco, the Peninsula, Napa/Sonoma/Marin, the East Bay and the Central Valley. Aloha Seafood sources seafood globally with an emphasis on sustainable practices and traceability. Sustainable practices are necessary to ensure healthy fish stock and traceability is critical to eliminating unethical business practices and preventing human rights abuses. Aloha Seafood is focused on delivering excellent customer service, consistent product quality, timeliness, and a high level of market knowledge.