A Message from the Foundation

The Golden State Chapter Foundation is the result of over 20 years of history. When the former four CMAA chapters merged to become The Golden State Chapter, there remained a singular organization, the Northern California and San Francisco Memorial Scholarship Foundation, which today is represented by a new name (The Golden State Chapter Foundation), a board of directors, and an expanded mission. We owe the past leadership of the former foundation a debt of gratitude for their conservative fiscal management and forward-thinking policy of benefiting managers and students alike. 

Today our endowment includes the corpus from the original foundation plus a generous contribution from The Golden State Chapter. The GSCF Board has developed an investment policy and committee to help manage the assets to achieve maximum earnings. The interest earned will help The Golden State Chapter complete its application of funds annually to its recipients. Our fundraising efforts are in their infancy and will expand to help support the commitments we have laid out in our goals. 

As an independent organization from The Golden State Chapter, we recognize the value the membership can derive from the Chapter and Foundation whose visions, though similar, are not the same. The Foundation is designed to augment the member experience and focus on continuing education and professional development. Our ability to provide financial support through qualified procedures will create a timely magnanimous entity. 

If you would like more information on the foundation, please browse our flipbook or start a conversation with the Managing Director of The Golden State Chapter by emailing [email protected] or calling (310) 741-6031. For more information on Protocols and Applications for support for Managers and Students please visit the GSC Foundation documents page.