Ana Paula Muniz-Trboljevac | General Manager, Metropolitan Club SF 

Being a member of The Golden State Chapter of CMAA has been beneficial to my growth as a club manager and as a person....

The education opportunities offered through the Chapter have assisted me in sharpening skills in so many different competencies, as well as improving my leadership and communication style, providing me with more confidence and direction in my career. Additionally, the workshops, conferences, and social gatherings have allowed me to be surrounded by accomplished professionals, whether they are members, vendors, or event sponsors, and thus broadened my network....

I am so grateful for all opportunities offered by The Golden State Chapter of CMAA and for the continued support and leadership provided by our Managing Director Crystal Thomas, her “A” team, and our Board of Directors, and for all the amazing members that make this organization so strong and worthwhile to be a part of.

Beth Hunter | Controller, Toscana Country Club

I feel very fortunate The Golden State Chapter of the CMAA is so strong. The education, both conferences and webinars, have been consistently relevant and timely. Participating in both have kept me informed in the industry of trends/issues/creative ideas. Our local area network meetings and communication, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, keeps us all on track, sharing information and, more importantly, solutions amongst each other. We don’t each have to reinvent the wheel, and consistency amongst clubs gained by participation in meetings helps our shared members be confident their club is providing everything they need. The network and relationships built by participating in CMAA events have provided me with virtually an unlimited supply of expert consultants, cohorts, and mentors—all of whom help me excel in my career. CMAA has made a huge difference both professionally and personally for me.

Bill Johnson, CCM, CCE 

“A closely connected community of club management professionals who place a high value on education and support of each other” is the vision of The Golden State Chapter of CMAA. This vision has provided me as a club professional with the tools that are needed to succeed in my chosen profession.

Education from both the Chapter and national association has proven to be equal to post-graduate studies on a continuing basis. Relationships with other club professionals have led to many lifetime friendships.

I strongly recommend that all club management professionals, from entry-level to seasoned manager, join both the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) and the statewide Golden State Chapter.

Brian Marcus | Global Hospitality

TGSC is fantastic! Very active, networking, educational seminars and valuable and relevant communications. What really set this Chapter apart for me was how they handled the pandemic; which was FLAWLESS. The level of programming and communications and support was overwhelming. They really and truly cared.

As a vendor, the Chapter is creative in ways to get our brand and logo to the network and the members. I have seen some great business come through due to the efforts of the staff of the Chapter; all of who are dedicated and terrific to work with.

As a member and a vendor partner, I cannot say enough about the Chapter, how it is run, and the opportunities it provides!

Buzz Colton | Retired Member

I would like to share the fact that continuing my membership in The Golden State Chapter of CMAA after retirement has given me the comfort of remaining in touch with not only good friends but has kept my head in the club management game. Chapter leadership is driven to ensuring that all members stay properly focused, educated, and involved in the latest career developments. Even old-timers like me who have been retired for almost 20 years are welcomed by everyone in the Chapter. By including active-retired GMs like me in all of the Chapter’s activities, I’ve been able to accept interim management opportunities at age 74 and still manage effectively for the benefit of employees and members alike. This Chapter cares about each and every one of its club management members on an individual basis. And the camaraderie of its membership is second to none. If you have the opportunity to belong to this Chapter, you will be greatly rewarded for your involvement!

David Conforti, PGA | General Manager, Palos Verdes Golf Club

I’ve been a GM for over ten years but a CMAA member for only two. Put simply, I wish I could get those other eight years back. While the greater CMAA is amazing, the Chapter level is where the real, practical support and benefits lie. The active networking and educational opportunities lead to greater opportunities of, amongst other things, best-practices exchange and a deeper dive into what is directly affecting our particular chapter and region. This proves not only beneficial to my professional growth but, much more importantly, to the improvement of my club’s membership experience.  Thank you Golden State Chapter!

Frank Melon, CCM | General Manager, The Lakes Country Club

The benefits of Chapter involvement are numerous and have been a great tool for me to progress throughout my career. The networking with fellow managers, exchanging ideas, getting references, strategic planning, projects, you name it; whatever you are considering doing, other managers have been through the process and their input is invaluable. You will also build lifelong friendships.

Jason Rea | Executive Chef, The Olympic Club

I am thoroughly impressed with the onboarding process for the CMAA. It is well thought out and, from the experience of the members and their passion for mentorship, you get a strong sense of the benefits of joining the association. I am currently enjoying the industry updates in my inbox and look forward to my journey in the years ahead of club leadership.

Jim Shumate | Long-time Club and Restaurant Industry GM

My involvement with CMAA, and in particular The Golden State Chapter, has been an extremely gratifying and supportive experience in my club management career. Having entered club management later in my hospitality career, I needed to immerse myself quickly and efficiently in the culture and operating systems associated with clubs. I found very quickly that the membership of The Golden State Chapter was there to help, and whatever support I needed was given without hesitation. The club education offered on a national level is extremely valuable, but the level of education offered at the Chapter level is beyond question the best I’ve received since becoming a CMAA member. Also, Crystal Thomas and her team are always there for you, and your success is their success. I only wish I had gotten more involved with the Chapter sooner, as it’s been a key factor in guiding me through a successful club management career.

John Berry | General Manager, Adams Springs Golf Club

A great majority of the members of The Golden State Chapter of the Club Management Association of America are in leadership positions at our various clubs. It just so happens that oftentimes we are the only ones at our facilities dealing with the vast array of issues that we deal with on a daily basis. The greatest advantage I have with my Golden State Chapter membership is to be able to meet others who are in similar positions at their clubs. The collegiality is of great benefit, and sometimes you find out that you're not alone with the issues of the day. Also, you can sometimes avoid pitfalls by learning what other clubs went through in dealing with a specific issue. I heartily recommend membership in The Golden State Chapter of the CMAA for the benefits of meeting and learning from others who deal with the very same issues that you deal with.

Julien Fenton | General Manager, The Town Club Pasadena

The Golden State Chapter was invaluable to us in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, saved us thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and guided us in the right direction. For club managers, department heads, and boards, this is a MUST HAVE.

Leslie Pike | Director of Communications, The Lakes Country Club

Being a Member of the CMAA and Golden State Chapter strengthens not only connections with colleagues but also builds interpersonal relationships. As club managers, we devote a large amount of time into running our club operations successfully. What makes us stronger in each of our positions are the relationships we have with other club managers. Spending time with fellow leaders, whether in conference or on the golf course, helps develop our managerial skills. In addition, the education we receive and events we attend through the CMAA helps give insight to solutions for problems that may exist within each of our clubs.

Mark Scheibach | General Manager, The Quarry at La Quinta

Being a Member of The Golden State Chapter is an incredible asset to me and The Quarry at La Quinta; especially when it comes to the Local Area Network (LAN) meetings. The networking and dialogue at these meetings with my peers provide valuable insight into what other club leaders are facing within the current marketplace. We share our ideas and current procedures in an open and honest forum; which makes us all better operators in the end.

Ross dePencier, CCM | Long-time General Manager

I joined The Golden State Chapter five years ago after relocating from the Southeast and chapters from Georgia and the Carolinas. One of the first activities I participated in was attending the World Conference in San Diego. Not knowing anyone, I attended TGSC’s reception. Upon arrival, I was immediately met by Crystal Thomas who greeted me by name. She proceeded to introduce me to several chapter members and my relationships with the Chapter sprung to life.

Equally, I joined the North Bay Local Area Network and through Jack Grehan, met many local club operators. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable these experiences were to me. Being new to California, it was a relief to meet local colleagues, develop friendships, and benefit from networking in a new state.

On a professional level, TGSC provides a plethora of great networking and educational experiences. The Nor Cal golf tournaments have been phenomenal in connecting to other Chapter members as well as meeting new vendors. Just to name a few, workshops presented by Club Benchmarking, Global Golf Advisors, and an endless list of seasoned – well-respected professionals provide critical and inspirational thinking on current trends and issues in the club industry.

Earlier in the COVID shutdown period, Brad Steele shared timely news on the benefits and pitfalls of tax incentives and SBA lending programs. Just yesterday, (the impetus for this writing), TGSC partners from PP&CO presented informative and incredibly useful material on the proposed IRS regulations for new UBI reporting. From a value perspective, any one of the educational presentations brings back an offset to the costs of membership. I cannot thank TGSC enough for the hidden chuckle I have when a Board Member asks me what my industry peers think about a certain topic.

For those member managers who are continually sidelined by club duties, find a way to place two Chapter activities a year into your schedule. I would encourage those who are considering joining the Chapter to do it now. The Chapter is professionally essential, educational, and the benefits far exceed the costs. The Chapter and its members are also fun!

Russell Sylte, PGA | Chief Operating Officer, Hacienda Golf Club

The CMAA is the resource I use to continue growing as a Chief Executive Officer in addition to seeking trends that may have an effect on my club and/or the industry.

Ryan Wilson, CCM, PGA | General Manager/COO, Berkeley Country Club

I joined the Chapter in 2014 while working for a management company that didn’t place a premium on affiliation with the CMAA. I was fortunate through my club's participation with the North & East Bay Association of Private Clubs to connect with other GMs that were active Golden State Chapter members. These individuals were exceptional leaders and so welcoming that I was compelled to join and work towards my CCM designation. As a quarter-century member of the PGA who found the CMAA a little later in my professional career, I cannot say enough positive things about the strength of the CMAA’s education program, networking opportunities and overall career development. On a local level, the leadership and affiliation with The Golden State Chapter has been beneficial for my facility and myself personally.

Terry Anglin, CCM, CCE | Associate Member, GSI Executive Search

I've been with the Chapter nearly 15 years, and there are two things that really stick out in my mind: One is the relationships I have been able to form with the 400+ members of the Chapter around the state. Many of these people are my dearest friends and people that I speak to regularly and know about their lives, and we exchange many ideas and many thoughts and have had many, many good times together. The other is the vast amount of education that The Golden State Chapter is able to provide to its members. I've learned so many things by going to the various sessions around the state and encourage anybody interested to please join us, and we'd love to have you as part of the group, and we hope to see you soon!

Tim Odenweller, CCM | General Manager, California Tennis Club

The CMAA and The Golden State Chapter have provided the educational backbone for my career, providing the information and relationships that assisted me in becoming an effective GM. Despite a complete shutdown of clubs around the country in March, the Chapter immediately began hosting relevant, timely, and quality webinars, not missing a beat, to provide the information and relationships necessary to assist me in leading my club during this horrible pandemic. Thank you for your competent leadership.

Tim Walker, CCM | General Manager, Ingomar Club

Having been a CMAA member for nearly 40 years, I can't overstate the value that this affiliation has provided during my career. The professional relationships, camaraderie, education and information provided by the CMAA, both at the National and State level, have been pivotal in my career development.

And now, through this era of COVID, The Golden State Chapter has provided a lifeline to valuable information about legal and operating issues that currently affect clubs. It also provides unique opportunities to share with other managers how they are navigating the ever-changing conditions and various State and local directives.

Even in the best of times, operating any club without the support provided by a CMAA membership would be like being set adrift in the ocean without a GPS or the stars to guide your way!