TGSC-CMAA Benefits

Why Join The Golden State Chapter of the Club Management Association of America?

Joining a professional association is vital for successful career growth. Membership in TGSC-CMAA: 

  • Greatly expands your knowledge and competency in the club industry
  • Provides opportunities to network, exchange information, and discuss common challenges and solutions
  • Provides opportunities to develop leadership skills and build lifelong friendships
  • READ TESTIMONIALS from members of The Golden State Chapter of CMAA
  • To join now, email your application to [email protected].


Lifetime Professional Development

Professional Development is at the center of CMAA’s mission. CMAA's curriculum is based on 11 competency areas covering every aspect of a club manager's job. CMAA's Education Department delivers educational content in a variety of ways through five-day university-based Business Management Institute (BMI) programs, chapter-based programsconference education, and online education. CMAA's education programs are part of its certification program. The Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation is the centerpiece of this program. 

Learn more about the Professional Development department by viewing the  Professional Development Brochure or by contacting the staff.


In many professions, a successful career is marked by an appropriate degree of professional development, verified by a credible certification program and recognized by both the public and one's peers. The Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation has been the hallmark of professionalism in club management since 1965 and is the cornerstone of CMAA's certification program. It is a valuable and widely-respected mark of a manager's commitment to professional development and the club industry. 

As with its education programs, CMAA’s certification program is a dynamic, continuing process. It includes two levels of further recognition: CMAA's prestigious Honor Society and the Master Club Manager (MCM) designation. 

The entire certification program is under the jurisdiction of the Certification Committee with oversight provided by CMAA’s Board of Directors. It is the Certification Committee’s responsibility to consider suggestions from the members and to ensure that the certification program adapts to the ever-changing club management environment.  

Certified Club Manager (CCM)

Honor Society 
Certified Chief Executive (CCE)

Master Club Manager® (MCM)

CMAA Education & Events

Business Management Institute (BMI)
The Business Management Institute (BMI): The Core of the Lifetime Professional Development Program 

In the early 1980s, CMAA’s leaders saw the need for a formal academic program for club industry professionals. Taking into consideration that managers at all phases of their careers need instruction, education or inspiration, the concept of the “lifetime professional development program” was born. The vision was realized as a multi-campus-based program that provides tangible career benchmarks by which managers can track their progress and strive for various levels of competency, including a respected certification. These on-campus programs became known as the Business Management Institute (BMI) programs. CMAA currently offers the following BMI programs: 

  • BMI Club Management 
  • BMI Leadership Principles 
  • BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer 
  • BMI Tactical Leadership 
  • BMI Strategic Leadership 
  • BMI Golf Management 
  • BMI Food & Beverage Management 
  • Joe Perdue Certification Review Course 
  • BMI Wine & Food Experience 
  • BMI International

Scholarships Available Through 

World Conference on Club Management

CMAA's World Conference on Club Management and the Club Business Expo is attended by audiences of nearly 5,000 and is held annually in major cities throughout the United States. The World Conference on Club Management fulfills CMAA's mission to provide a variety of relevant education opportunities that reflect the latest trends in the club industry. These include Pre-Conference Workshops, seminars, management clinics, round-table discussions, student programs, and keynote addresses by distinguished speakers. CMAA members profit from the variety of opportunities available and the innovative ideas that can be easily implemented in their clubs. 

Leadership Legislative Conference

CMAA’s Annual Leadership/Legislative Conference (LLC) hosts expert presentations on leadership skill-building and legislative/regulatory developments that have an immediate impact on the club industry. This highly participatory program is designed to provide officers and chairpersons of CMAA chapters as well as national committee members with education and training to successfully accomplish their leadership and professional goals. Scheduled programs emphasize the nuts and bolts of chapter administration and provide checklists that clearly outline role responsibilities and important CMAA initiatives. 

Mid-Management Conference

The CMAA Mid-Management Conference started as a grass-roots effort by the Greater Chicago Chapter in 1991 as a way to provide quality educational and networking opportunities for club managers who do not serve in the general manager or chief operating officer capacity at their club. It is a great opportunity for assistant managers to attend a number of educational seminars as well meet and network with their industry peers. 

Attendees are eligible to earn more than 15 Club Management Institute (CMI) Education Credits and 4 Association Activity Credits. This conference also counts as a CMAA/CMI pre-approved workshop for those seeking their CCM.